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Welcome to the KONSER platform directly operated by PT Likuid Jaya Inisiasi (“KONSER”). KONSER is committed to be responsible based on laws and regulations on privacy applicable in Indonesia (“Privacy Law”) and is fully committed to respect privacy rights and issues of all Member registered in our platform.


The following Privacy Policy provides an explanation of how KONSER, along with terms of use of KONSER platform as set out in “Terms & Condition” and other Information stated in KONSER website, stipulates the basis in collecting, storing, using, processing, controlling, transferring, disclosing, and protecting Personal information of Member which KONSER has obtained and collected from Member consisting of personal data of Member which Member uses while performing registration, accessing, and using services in KONSER platform.

It is important for Members to be aware of and understand this Privacy Policy along with other applicable information, which will be used as the basis of management of personal data of Member. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) is designed to help Member to understand how KONSER collects, uses, discloses, and/or processes personal data a Member entrusts to KONSER which KONSER has about Member, whether at present or in the future, and to help Member to make the right decision prior submitting personal data of Member to KONSER. By continuing to access and always using KONSER Services, the Member is here by deemed to agree with all Privacy Policies stated in KONSER platform along with the amendments thereto.


IN THE EVENT THAT MEMBER DOES NOT PERMIT THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA OF MEMBER AS EXPLAINED IN THIS PRIVACY POLICY, WE DO NOT ADVISE TO USE KONSER SERVICES OR TO ACCESSKONSER PLATFORM. In the event that KONSER makes any amendment to KONSER Privacy Policy, KONSER will post such amendment or the Privacy Policy which has been amended on KONSER Platform. KONSER has full rights to amend this Privacy Policy at any time without requiring approval from Member but by referring to the applicable laws and regulations.


This Privacy Policy includes matters as follows:

  1. Personal Information obtained and collected by KONSER
  • Personal Information is any form of Information whether or not recorded in material form, and based on such information, the identity of a person can be directly seen or identified and reasonably known and can be directly ensured by an organization or entity which collects such information, or when combined with other information, which candirectly or indirectly identify a person, and which can or may be accessed by an authorized Party in case any issue arises.
  • While Member is using KONSER Services, KONSER maycollect Personal Information of Member,including but not limited to the following:

           a. Identity data, such as name, gender,profile picture, and date of birth;

           b. Contact data, such as delivery,electronic mail address, and phone number;

           c. Account data, such as bank accountand payment card details incluard or account used, the name of the issuer ofthat payment                card or account, the name of the holder for that payment card oraccount, the identification number of that account or                payment card, theverification code of that payment card or account, and the expiration date of that payment card or                account, as applicable, financial history (including but not limited to payment card or account transaction history,                payment card or account details and mapping and/or payment card or account status and states) and credit score. ;

           d. Transaction Data such as includes details on payments or transfers made through any electronic money and/or Service  provided                by us such as information relating to the utilization, payment, recipient details (including their account details), amount of                payment paid, bill details, and invoice details and order or purchaseof event ticket or history of transactions performed by                Member while using KONSER platform.

           e. Technical data, such as Internet Protocol (IP) address, login data, type and version of browser, settings of time and location                cone, type and version of browser
               plug-in, operating system and platform, identity of device and device-related matters while using KONSER platform;

           f. Profile data, such as username and password, purchase, order or preference intention, and response to reply and survey;

          g. Usage data, such as information on how Member uses KONSER platform, products, and Services;

          h. Location data, namely the method used by Member whiletaking and sharing location with KONSER in the form of picture or video               and uploading them to KONSER platform;

          i. Biometric data, namely sound filewhen Member usesthe feature of face or other body part and sound or others which become              the feature of device by uploading it to the platform;

          j. Marketing and correspondence data,namely matters related to preferences of Member in receiving marketingmaterials from              KONSER and third parties (including our agents, vendors, suppliers, contractors, partners and any others who provide services to              us or you, perform functions on our behalf, or whom we enter into commercial collaboration with) and communication preferences              of Member.

  • Member agrees not to submit anyinformation which is inaccurate or misleading, and Member agrees to informabout the inaccuracy or change of such information. KONSER has the rightof discretion to require further documentation to perform verification ofinformation submitted by Member.
  1. Use of Data by the platform and ability of KONSER to receive personal data of Member in the situations as follows:
  • When a Member creates an account on the KONSER platform which is dividedinto individual and corporate as follows:

          a. Individual

          1) The identity card numbers that can be used are:Identity Card (KTP);

          2) Name (in accordance with the attached personalidentity);

          3) Address (in accordance with the attachedidentity);

          4) Place and date of birth (in accordance with theattached identity);

          5) Photo of a valid identity card. Identity cardsthat can be used are: Identity Card (KTP)

          6) Occupation;

          7) Phone number or cell phone (number must beactive and used personally);

         8) Email (electronic mail address) that is active.

           b. Company

         1) Name of President Director (in accordance with the attached ID);

         2) Name of the Company (in accordance with the attached ID);

         3) Address (in accordance with the attached ID);

         4) Active email (electronic mail address);

         5) Phone or mobile number (number must be active and used personally);

         6) Photo of a valid identity card. Identity cards that can be used are: Identity Card (KTP) of the President Director;

         7) Company Deed;

         8) SIUP (Trading Business License) is not mandatory;

         9) NIB (Business Identification Number) is not mandatory;

         10) NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) is not mandatory;

  • When Member uses a feature or function available on KONSER platform;
  • When Member registers for a service of KONSER platform or purchases a event ticket available on KONSER platform;
  • When Member records and uploads a user-generated content to KONSER platform;
  • When Member participates in a promotion or survey;
  • When Member participates in an activity or campaign on KONSER platform;
  • When Member logs into their account or interacts with KONSER through external service or application;
  • When Member interacts with usoff-line, including when Member interacts without sourced employees of KONSER off-line.
  1. Use of Data

     KONSER may use all or some data obtained and collected from Member asreferred to in the previous section for matters as follows:

  • To identifying and register Member as user and to administer, verify, deactivate, or manage account of Member;
  • To facilitate or enable any verification which we consider necessary before KONSER provides services to Member or before we register Member as user, including the Know Your Customer process;
  • To enable KONSER to provide,process, and facilitate, orders and payment transactions;
  • To facilitate Member Service in implementing instruction of Member, dealing with or responding to any question raised by (or supposedly raised by) Member and/or on behalf of Member.
  • To communicate with Member and send informationin connection with the use of platform, including but not limited toinformation about any update as well as support which may be required from time to time to ensure continuity of KONSER Services;
  • To inform Member about any update toKONSER platform or update to services provided;
  • To monitor and analyze activity,behavior, and demographic data, including habits and responsiveness of KONSER to various services available on the platform;
  • To send Member direct or targeted marketing communication, advertising, promotion, survey, and special offer or promotion;
  • To use information obtained from Member for the purpose of research, analysis, development, and testing of product in order to improve safety and security of services on the Website, as well as for developing new feature and product;
  • To perform monitoring or investigation of suspicious transactions or transactions indicated of containing the element of fraud or violation against the Terms and Conditions or the applicable legal provisions, as well as to take the necessary actions as follow-up of the result of monitoring or investigation of such transactions;
  • In certain situations,KONSER may need to use or disclose User’s data for the purpose of law enforcement or for the fulfillment of requirements of the applicable laws and regulations, includingin the event of any dispute or legal proceeding between Member and KONSER;
  • Any other purpose which KONSER will inform Member Member when obtaining approval from Member is collectively referred to as (“Purpose” );
  • Due to Purpose, KONSER will / may collect, use, disclose, or process personal data of Member depending on the situation encountered, and it is possible that such purpose is not stated above. However, KONSER will inform Member about any other purpose ofthat kind when obtaining approval from Member, except for data processing which applies without approval from Member permitted by the Privacy Law.
  1. Disclosure of Personal Data of Member

    KONSER guarantees thatthere is no sale, leakage, transfer, distribution, or lending of personal dataof Member to other party, without      permission from Member, except in the event of occurrence of the following matters or events:

  • When there is requirement fordisclosure of data of Member to other party assisting KONSER in providingservices on KONSER platform and processing anyform of activities of Member on KONSER platform, including but not limited to transaction process,payment verification, etc.;
  • KONSER may provide andmake available relevant data or information to KONSER business partner in accordance with rules of approval fromMember to use business partner’s services, which are included in theapplication, website, or other platform which integrates API or its services,or business partner with whom KONSER hascooperated to deliver forms of promotional services, contest, or otherdedicated matters;
  • Other matters required by KONSER such asbanking, payment, and other services with Member, in this case includingsettlement of obstacles and other matters;
  • KONSER may providerelevant information to vendor, consultant, marketing partner, research firm,or similar service providers;
  • KONSER may shareinformation of Member to its subsidiaries and affiliates to help in maximizingor providing services as well as data processing for and on behalf of KONSER;
  • KONSER discloses dataof Member in an effort of complying with and fulfilling legal obligationsand/or based on valid requests from Similar Law Enforcement Agencies andApparatus.
  1. Storage and Deletion of Information
  • Personal Information of Member willonly be stored as long as necessary for fulfilling the purpose of itscollection, or as long as such storage is required or allowed by the applicablelaws and regulations. KONSER will stop storing Personal Information, or delete thepurpose of linking such Personal Information to you as an individual, as soonas it is considered that the purpose of collection of such Personal Informationdoes not require storing Personal Information anymore and the storage is notnecessary anymore for business or legal purposes.
  • Personal Information of Member collected by KONSERmay be stored, transferred, or processed by a thirdparty service provider. KONSER will takereasonable effort to ensure that all of such third party service providersprovide a level of protection equivalent to the commitment of KONSER based on this Privacy Policy.
  • Personal Information of Member may also be stored orprocessed outside the country of the Member by a party working for KONSER in other country, or by third party (including our agents,vendors, suppliers, contractors, partners and any others who provide servicesto us or you, perform functions on our behalf, or whom we enter into commercialcollaboration with)or affiliate of KONSER. Inthis case, KONSER will ensure that suchPersonal Information continues to be a subject of level of protectionequivalent to those required in the law of the country (and, in any casewhatsoever, in line with our commitment in this Privacy Policy).
  • You as Member may withdraw yourconsent to any or all collection, use or disclosure of your PersonalInformation at any time by giving us reasonable notice in writing using thecontact details stated below.  Depending on the circumstances and thenature of the consent which you are withdrawing, you must understand andacknowledge that after such withdrawal of consent, you may no longer be able touse KONSER  Platform and services. Awithdrawal of consent by you may result in the termination of your account orof your contractual relationship with us, with all accrued rights andobligations remaining fully reserved. Upon receipt of your notice to withdrawconsent for any collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Information, wewill inform you of the likely consequences of such withdrawal so that you candecide if indeed you wish to withdraw consent.
  1. Personal Data Protection of Member
  • KONSER applies varioussafety measures and strives to ensure Personal Data of Member in theKONSER system. Personal data of Member is kept behind a secure network and only accessible by asmall number of employees having special access right to the system. Nevertheless,the absence of absolute guarantee or security is unavoidable.
  • KONSER will keeppersonal data in accordance with the Privacy Law and/or other applicable laws.Namely, KONSER will destroy or anonymizepersonal data of Member KONSER reasonabledeems that (i) the purpose of personal data which have been collected is notfunctioned anymore by the storage of such personal data; (ii) the storage isnot necessary anymore for any legal or commercial purposes whatsoever; and(iii) there is no instruction letter legitimating further retrieval of personaldata. In the event that a Member stops using KONSER Platform, or the license of a Member to use Platform and/orServices is terminated or revoked, KONSER maycontinue to keep, use, and/or disclose personal data of Member in accordancewith the Privacy Policy and obligations of KONSER under the Privacy Law. Subject to the applicable law, KONSER may securely dispose of personal data of Member without anyprior notification to Member.
  1. Information on children

     Services are not intended forchildren aged less than 18 years. KONSERdoes not intentionally collect or store personal dataor any
     non-personal information from any person aged less than 18 years and anypart of Platform or other Services of KONSERis not      intended for children aged less than 17 years. As parent or legalguardian, please do not give permission to children under your care to      submit personal data to KONSER. In the event thatpersonal data of children aged less than 18 years under your care are opened to      KONSER, youhereby    consent to the processing of personal data of the child and accept andagree to be bound to this Privacy Policy      on behalf of such child. KONSERwill close any account used exclusively by suchchildren and will eliminate and/or delete any personal      data KONSER believes to be sent without consent of parent or legalguardian by a child aged less than 18 years.


8. Disclaimerof Security and Third Party Website

  • KONSER DOES NOTGUARANTEE SECURITY OF PERSONAL DATA AND/OR OTHER INFORMATION THE MEMBER SUBMITSON A THIRD PARTY WEBSITE. KONSER has indeedimplemented a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of personaldata of Member with or under the control of KONSER. Personal data of Member arekept behind a secure network and only accessible by a limited number of personshaving special access right to the system, who are obligated to keep theconfidentiality of such personal data. In the event that the Member places an order or accesses personal data, KONSER offers the use of a secure server. All personal data orsensitive information submitted by Member  are encrypted intoour database and can only be accessed as stated above;
  • In an effort to provide Memberwith increasing value, KONSER may choose various third party websites to be linked to,and to frame them in the Platform. KONSER mayalso participate in co-branding and other relationships to offer e-commerce aswell as other services and features to KONSER visitors.All of these linked websites have separate and independent privacy policy andsecurity settings. Even if a third party is affiliated to KONSER, KONSER has no controlover these linked websites, since each of them has privacy and data collectionpractices separated from KONSER. It ispossible that data collected by KONSER co-brandingpartner or third party website (even if it is offered on or through KONSERPlatform) are not received by KONSER;
  • Therefore, KONSER is notresponsible or accountable for content, security settings (or the absence ofsecurity settings), and activities of these linked websites. These linkedwebsites are only for the convenience of Member, and therefore Member  accesses them at theMember’s own risk. Nevertheless, KONSERstrives to protect the integrity of and/or KONSER Platform and links placed on each website, and therefore, KONSERwelcomes any feedback on these linked websites(including, but not limited to, in the event that a certain link is not functioning). 
  1. Member Rights

     You may have certain rights underApplicable Law to request us for access to, correction of and/or deletion ofyour Personal Information      in our possession and control. To the extent theserights are available to you under Applicable Law, you may exercise these rightsby      contacting us at the details provided in the section below.


     We reserve the right to refuse yourrequests for access to, correction of and/or deletion of, some or all of yourPersonal Information in      our possession or control if permitted or requiredunder any Applicable Law. This may include circumstances where the      PersonalInformation may contain references to other individuals or where the requestfor access or request to correct is for reasons      which we reasonably consider tobe trivial, frivolous or vexatious. Subject to Applicable Law, we reserve theright to charge an      administrative fee for any access and/or correctionrequests.


10. Updateand/or Amendment of PrivacyPolicy

      KONSER may update thisPrivacy Policy at any time, and we shall notify you of the updated versions viaour Applications or your       registered email with us. KONSER hereby advises Member to read carefully and always recheckevery page of this privacy policy from       time to time to find out about anychanges which have been made to this Privacy Policy.


11. Questions,Issues, or Complaints

     If Member has any questions, issues,or complaints regarding KONSER privacy policy practices, please contact us by e-mail at